Panel Technologies, Inc.


Panel Technologies is an organization engaged in the manufacture and engineering of panels, displays, ruggedized chassis, and a variety of individual components and assemblies for industry.

We fill the need for quality service and manufacture at reasonable prices.

Our personnel have the skill and expertise in a wide variety of design and manufacturing applications.

We offer fortune 500 experience, quality and craftsmanship at small company prices, service and dependability.

The materials we work with are all inclusive. We specialize in precision manufacturing of non-ferrous metals and plastics. Please see our photos for a sampling of what we produce for such industries as medical, aerospace, automotive, and data communication.

                                              Our facility capabilites include:
                           - CNC Milling                          - Brushed and Glass Bead Finishing
                           - Conventional Milling              - Mechanical Assembly
                           - Turning                              - Import and Export most CAD formats
                           - CNC Engraving                     - Solid Edge Design
                           - Drilling                                - AutoCAD Design
                           - Tapping                              - SmartCAM CNC Programming


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