Panel Technologies, Inc.

ruggedized chassis with integrated heat sinks - front view ruggedized chassis with attached heat sinks - back view 
tiny acrylic buttons machined per customers specifications micro-machining: severed the circuits as requested per customer 
chassis front designed and machined to fit existing chassis extended front panel designed and machined to extend the front out of an existing chassis 
Front Panels made from Corian for DVD players conductive ruggedized chassis before silkscreen 
multi leveled panels needed for assembly intricately machined panel with only + or - .005 tolerance 
front panel designed to fit chassis housing threaded machined aluminum component designed and machined to fit into a chassis 
housing chassis that required a blank front panel with handles rear view of a chassis that needed to be designed plain yet strong 
ruggedized chassis with integrated heat sinks ruggedized chassis with a great heat sink design 
Brush Finished Surface Panel Surface Panels 
Flag Waving Assembly lamp ring designed to allow light to fill the glass dial that fits inside 
extended rear for chassis engraved acrylic face plate 
Custom Hood Pull Handles for classic cars copper connectors custom designed for a specific fitting 
engraved and backfilled buttons acrylic laser engraved cockpit panel 
glass beaded chassis front panel rear view of front panel to specialized dvd player 
acrylic housing for customer chassis extension for computer 
front panel to large chassis painted and screened rear view of front panel for large chassis 
steel panels engraved and backfilled aluminum panels engraved and backfilled 
front panel to ruggedized box rear view of front panel for ruggedized box 
ruggedized chassis with integrated heat sinks inside and out front panels to show size and variety 

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